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after Alphabay and Hansa


what now since alphabay and hansa down are will something change in the markets?

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Obviously yes, especially since TradeRoute went down too. Also, a bunch of former top vendors have gotten busted since as well, so not only have we lost the biggest markets, but we’ve also lost some good vendors too. What you’re going to see is a rise in direct deals and movement onto ultra-exclusive forums and stuff like that. There’s also the fact that OpenBazzar is beginning to see adoption by a number of vendors, which will slowly start cutting away at the remaining markets.

The remaining markets are too poorly suited to become what AlphaBay, Hansa, and TradeRoute were. It’s only a matter of time before they go down as well.

BTC will also most likely begin to fade away as the dominant currency for dark net deals in the foreseeable future. It’s not very anonymous anymore and its fees are extremely high, making it impractical to use as a currency for too much longer. Monero will most likely fill the void.

The dark net itself will probably never die, but it will most likely change up a bit from what we remember it as.

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