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Alphabay Messages PGP?


In my alphaBay profile, I have inputted my PGP Key.
My question is, when I send a message to a seller on the marketplace, is the message automatically encrypted or is it best to use Kleopatra?

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No, normal messages to vendors are not encrypted using PGP. When you place an order on AlphaBay there is a check box on the checkout screen where you write in your address. If you click on the box, it says something like “Encrypt with vendors PGP”, then your address will be encypted by AlphaBay. It is better though not to rely on them and encrypt it yourself.

Your public PGP key is only used by people who want to send you an encrypted message. If you wanted to encrypt a message to a vendor, you need to encrypt the message using their public PGP key.

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ok on AlphaBay how do u decrypt a pgp message that vendor sent u

  • ray eddie answered 1 year ago
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