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is there a good alternative to localbitcoins in europe (SEPA), because it is not available in my contry anymore?

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—–> [The following article is published for education purposes ONLY. I’m NOT trying to encourage anybody in any way to disobey any law. LocalBTC is not allowed to be used in Germany anymore. So if you do trade your currencies there to make a profit keep in mind that this is tax fraud propably and you can get in MAD TROUBLE for this! Im NOT responsible for anybodys actions, but my own.] <—–

So you are from Germany? ;)

No, there is absolutely no good alternative. But you can still use LocalBitcoins.com:

1) If you want to buy Coins…
login with your account, then on the bottom of the page click on “Change Location” and change it to any big european city like Amsterdam, Paris, … Then filter results to “sepa only” or “domestic bank transfer only” and you will see all the offers in europe /or that certain country (depending on how you filter results). And there are no limitations for german buyers at all. (Im sure about that! Just bought half a coin there a couple weeks ago).

[Never sold btc, so im not 100% sure about the following…]

2) If you want to sell coins…
you also still can, but i think you need a foreign bank account (maybe it works with a german one too). For example if you have a bank account in Spain, just make yourself a new (or edit your existing) localbtc account and claim you live in Spain now. Add your bank account’s info and create your trade offers in spanish (Google translate or other spanish traders can help). This way you can still sell your coins in almost every country in the world, but Germany. I’ve seen many german users there with italian, spanish and polish accounts since its closed for germany. Some even have 3-4 different Bank Accounts in different countries to choose from when you deposit.

Hope this helps. Have a good one!

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