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Another Agora Spoofing Attempt- BEWARE


So logged into Agora today to find a message supposedly from the Admin. Except, Admin is Admin, this was Agora-Admin. The message, went on to say, an I am paraphrasing- “That our records indicate you are using an outdated version of Tor and and susceptible to a giant exploit which is demasking users en masse” You must update your “tor bundle brower” immediately and went on to hyperlink this address,  torbundlebrowser.org

wait a second, that is not Tor’s url, and its not called torbundlebrowser anyway. I did a whois search and that url is newly formed a week ago or so and based out of Panama. It has nothing to do with TOR. Presumably, you download the “Tor Bundle Version” and voila, you’ve let them in. The site does a pretty good job or mirroring TOr’s official site, and I am afraid it will catch a lot of unspecting people.

DDW Admin- place this wherever it belongs so people are aware of yet another Spoof/Phishing attempt.

I’d tell Agora’s admins, but the site when down shortly thereafter.

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Thanks for the notice, we have heard about this scam already, obviously this should be ignored and reported to the agora admins and whatever you do – DO NOT USE THE LINK IN THIS MESSAGE or download anything from it

(directed at anyone, not to the OP)

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