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i am searching some good forums where i can freely discuss about security & hacking

i hate forums in the clearnet because all they give me is “this is unethical”
“do you have permission” or “you can go to jail”

i am still a noob trying to learn how stuff works & how to break them
but when ever i get stuck & ask something no one helps me :/ because what i do is illegal

so i am searching some forums where i can ask freely whatever i want
& where no one gives a fuck about it that legal or not

please give me some forums links(clearnet or darknet)
where i can ask my questions :)
& if you have a guide of how to be an good OPsec or how to secure your ass while doing stuff i shouldn’t do please post the link below :)

no i dont want spoon feeding
i am just looking for people who can kind of guide me to the right direction of the answer :)

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