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Best place to order bulk electronics


Hey people

I recently tried to order a long list of electronics mainly of amazon from a guy called Edward it was all going to plan then he said he posted it and nothing has come the postage tracking number said it had been delivered to Florida, i haven’t payed yet i was using escrow, basically i need a place or a person that can do this for me and ship everything to the UK
I was quoted $2790 from the first guy, all together there is approx 23 items.

It would be great if i can find someone that can do this for me and accepts escrow

Thanks for reading

Sam :)

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Sounds like CStore. Classic scammer.

I don’t have anything against anybody on the darknet except for pedophiles, murderers/rapists/sadists and terrorists.

Here’s my two cents on this type of thing.

Don’t buy electronics on the darknet. There are a lot of good reasons for this. Buying anonymously with bitcoin and using a reshipper/drop address through somewhere legal like Amazon or eBay is fine, so long as the bitcoins are “clean.” As for the rest of the places to buy electronics, what you’re buying will be just the case of the electronics and nothing inside if you’re lucky. If you’re not as lucky, they’ll be carded goods. You have no way to validate how they obtained the electronics they’re selling. Hell, they could just go online and card a laptop and have it sent straight to you. When the fraud division of LE comes to investigate, it won’t be good if it’s shipped straight to you. Another thing to consider is that when electronics are carded/stolen, police reports are filed to investigate with the original seller. The company is going to want their money back, and LE will want to get rid of the carder/thief. The company is going to hand over everything to LE they know about the taken product. Serial number and basic identifiable things at the least, maybe the IP/MAC address of it as well. Can’t confirm the last part since I’m not an experienced LEO investigating fraud. On that note, don’t believe me. I very well could be LE, and there’s no way for you to know. That goes for anyone on the internet, even the people you order things from. Anyways, if your IP/MAC address is flagged, then when you go online and that IP address is active, be prepared for LE to stop by. There are ways around having LE confiscate your goods, but I can’t publicly tell you how to do that. Bad OPSEC practice, won’t go into details. Another possibility, is that LE is the vendor you’re buying electronics from. If that’s the case, you better be damn well prepared for a CD, that your products are bugged, or the software/hardware having been tampered with.

Aside from that, here’s what you should do.

CStore/Edward gives out fake tracking numbers. Make sure whoever it was delivered to can confirm it arrived safely. Can’t tell you how to debug or check for tampering, you’ll have to do that on your own merit. If it wasn’t delivered, and delivered safely, talk to the person holding escrow. You can still be scammed when using escrow. Beware

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All Tor Electronic shops are scams.

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