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BTC Never Showed up in my BlackBank Account


I sent them from my personal mobile btc wallet and have over 9 confirmations but btc never appeared in my BlackBank Market account. Is there any recourse or actions I can takee to try and resolve this. I cheecked and rechecked that they were sent to what BB Market posts as my BTC number. Also submitted a trouble ticket but no responce as of yet. Any Ideas or has this happened to anyone else?

Any help would be great…

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Hey mcb,

I’m a fellow user of BlackBank and would like to assure you that the market plays a legit role with it’s advertising. I’m not aware of any real loopholes other than you clicking the change BTC wallet address button within your wallet settings.

Your post has been up for two weeks and hopefully you have found a solution to your problem by now with the moderators in BlackBank.

For those that have the same problem as mcb on BlackBank, please open a ticket on the market for moderators too overlook. I have been on the market for some time and during the Evolution closing I noticed that BlackBank slowed down (Server speed wise) which was due to the on going web traffic from a huge migration out of Evolution.

With this all said, I feel and know that the BlackBank administration is not out for fraud like ways on their very own users. This would destroy their image. BlackBank is a growing market and probably won’t cheat anybody.

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