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Buying Bitcoin anonymously


Hey Everyone,

I’m new to this and want to understand how to buy bitcoin anonymously , I have seen the articles about Virwox but it doesn’t tell you once you have bitcoin where to send them and store them – if i sent then from virwox to a seller how would the seller know its me ?
where doe’s the tumblr process come into this ? can someone explain how to do this completely annon – if somone can help me once setup happy to make a donation for the advice and direction.

Thanks in advance

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The best option i would recommend would be to use coinmama.com you can use as least info as possible. all you really need is a free account, a prepaid “visa” or “master card” credit card which can be bought form any convenient store or grocery store, and you can use the card to buy the bitcoin. as for where to send it, i would recommend the the Tor bitcoin wallet. for 2 reasons. 1, it can hold your bitcoins until you get a wallet of your own set up like Electrum. 2, it has a built-in tumbler that can clean your bitcoins. you may wanna double check on that bit just in case, but otherwise that’s all you need. hope it helps.

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