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Can someone be traced making phony phone calls using textnow?


If someone were to make phony, prank, crank, and annoying phone calls, 100s of them to the same place, using textnow, while hooked up to an Offshore VPN can this person be traced?

For example, say around 11 am, someone calls Papa johns 100 times and annoys the co workers, using textnow and a vpn, and they called the police, could the police trace this person?

What if..?

The VPN was offshore? based in Finland or someplace overseas they dont not use logs or comply with subpoena versus one in the U.S.?

What if cookies are used, does this make a different, can they actually trace your computer? if this was true, howcome people who steal laptops are not caught then?

What if the person is using a WIFI hotspot at mcdonalds versus there home internet? Again, a VPN would be used when they have there home internet anyways.

If they can be traced? How?

Also, any tips or comments would help.

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Yes you can be traced using textnow because it is connected to your real phone number..

  • rewted bawx answered 1 year ago
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just use VoIP numbers

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