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CashLords: Real or Fake ?


I came across Cashlords on the darknet and their reviews as well as services seem to good to be true. I want to be sure of them.
Are they real or fake?

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I emailed Cashlords and ordered the rookie package. They sent me instructions and I sent them the BTC. I haven’t heard back from them. No response from them when I asked them if they received my payment. I got SCAMMED! They are not legit.

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Previous name was = Cash is King

Indeed beware.
They are Extremely well design + thought scammers. Every reviews that you post get either renamed or rewritten or never make it on the post due to their screening. Even a bad review is rewritten into a good one.

I commented saying;
“There is no tracking number and no respond after payment sent. I am still waiting”

I got rewritten+renamed into;
“There is no tracking number + no respond but I kept faith and my order came through the mail in 6 days”

See the bullshit, they turned my comment into a positive one. If you look at all their reviews, 97% of them were rewritten, and never made it on the post.
Due to good comments, I was tempted so I ordered but got discouraged by it when I did a thorough research.
I emailed them Once and they responded with instructions then after I sent payment. They NEVER responded after that.
So i made another email and not still no respond.
I got scammed bro.
CashLords = Cash is king = too good to be true = SCammers

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Lucky me. Thanks for feedback guys

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