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Cheap Electronic from Trust Vendors on DarkMarket


Hello everyone,
I am a newbie of tor and deepweb.
I am still learning how to use tor and black market.
I saw some sites in onion sell iPhone cheaper.
they are 80$ to 100$. but i feel not trust them
so i come here to ask first.
how to know that those sites are real ones?

hope you will delight me.

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Hello newbie,
Welcome to to the darknet, I’ll try to answer your question as best as possible.

First, how can you trust them? YOU CAN’T, 99% of the time those sites are complete scam sites, I understand you’d like to make a deal, and get some pretty cool Apple products, but sadly the darknet really wasn’t geared for that, even if your lucky enough to find a non-scam site out of the hundreds, you will most likely be buying a stolen product. If your even more incredibly lucky, the phone will not have a SIM card, but you might just end up with a couple cops knocking on your door. ;)

“Knowing” anything for sure on the darknet is a tricky business, so PLEASE do not make the mistake of trusting a .onion site with some cool graphics.

The first question you should ask yourself ALWAYS to come to a conclusion of the likelihood of a scam is how do they get their product? If there advertising a iPhone for $80 or a $100 bucks why would they be doing so? One, scam. Two, stolen. Three, SCAM.

Electronics are a well-sought after market but if someone is advertising a bunch of electronics for cheap, why would they be doing so on the darknet? Unless its stolen of course. And in that case, most could sell their product off quite easily to local dealers even in disadvantaged countries, ESPECIALLY disadvantaged countries, and it would be 10 times safer.
And again even if your incredibly lucky enough to receive anything for that 100 or so bucks, do you really think that a 100 bucks would be enough for the dealer to even consider cleaning the phone? Not likely.

If your actually interesting in saving some money for a iPhone, or Macbook or whatever, the darknet really isn’t the place to be. Try quibids.com, or check out ebay deals. But if you really must pursue the avenue with the darknet, know this, anonymity is NEVER 100%, at best its 99% and for a newbie 99% will take months or years to even come close to.
The luster of the darknet is hard to resist, believe me I know, but there is NO easy get rich quick or save a bunch of money scheme. Dealers always end up getting caught eventually if they don’t leave and buyers tend to take the fall after that.

But I know, I know the iPhone right? Well I’ll give you the simple answer now. DON’T trust any .onion sites, why would the venders build their own site when they could use the markets, its actually must safe for BOTH parties, and they get a shitload more of advertising to the potential buyer. Check out popular market sites and look under their “electronics” tab, Evolution is my recommendation. And even though you might not save as much, if you buy from a reputable vendor, you’ll at least get what you came here for.

Here’s a link to a search for vendors selling iphone’s on Evolution, check it out and DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you want stolen be prepared for consequences but some vendors have been doing this for a awhile and know hoe to clean the phone, make sure to ask them whatever is important to you before buying and good luck mate!


REMEMBER, stay safe, do your research, don’t be impulsive, learn the lay of the land before throwing away your money since make one bad deal and I guarantee it’ll just go down the drain from there, you’ll spend 3 times the amount you expected trying to make it back till finally you give up, out $700 bucks and feeling not too smart or “cool” or taken with darknet now.

P.S. Your question at basis I must admit, is part philosophical, how do we know anything is real? According to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave ( check it out on google its surprisingly interesting ;) ), reality is a illusion.

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Dear Zephyrus,

Since you understand the topic so well obviously i hope you’ll see this and assist me also while i have no interest in buying false american product made by chinese slaves in chine for elitist consumers around the world such as iphone i would like to buy Huawei Mate 9 Pro and looking into a dark web to be my vendor of choice cause of the knocked down price really do not care if it’s stolen or wiped down of previous info that contained etc simply looking at price tag and current condition that’s it ,so with that in mind can you please be kind enough to point me in direction in which i need to look to get what i an looking for in sense of addresses of the site(s) that hold such product and offer that kind of service? Many thanks in advance for you kind and unselfish assistance regarding this matter, Warm Regards

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ive had my phone stolen, the police do not track stolen devices unless someones life is at risk, for example someone gets kidnapped and they have a phone that would be the only reason for police to track a device

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don’t buy it that guy was a cunt

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hello everybody who is whatching this, u all aren’t sure about an iphone 6 or 6S or an other product, if u found a non-scam site for an iphone or something else don’t worry buth u can buy it, i say it because in the whole country there are milions of stolen iphone’s and the cops doesn’t gonna look just for that 1 iphone, they just doesn’t gonna look at it. so yes u just can buy it..

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