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Darknet tumbling, security, etc..


I have a question before i make any transactions, i have used virwox to buy BTC (after i bought SLL and then exchanged for BTC) and i know and have used PGP encryption.. but there seems to be a big woop about tumbling your bitcoins, if my bitcoins come from my paypal and then exchanged to SLL and then BTC do i still need to tumble my coins? are there any precautions i should take ?

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Tumbling, although being controversial (depends how and where) can always add another layer of security, never mind where you got the coins from, in fact i would say that when you buy from virwox its another reason to use tumbling since virwox BTC addresses can be easily linked to virwox and to your account (theoretically)

The PP to SLL part is not like BTC to DRK and back to BTC (for example) which could be considered as tumbling.

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