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darknetforums.com Scam or Legit???


Guys,anyone tried their service.It’s look like they seem Legit.

Looking to make deal with them.

Please tell me they are scam or legit,only if you tried their service.


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They are scammers. Jokerstash and cyrus victor are working together, if not the same person. I lost $300 to cyrus victor, or demax decoder on icq. When I tried to post a bad review it was changed by the moderator to a good review. Then my account was deleted.

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I also got scammed and lost $450 to CrimEffect. After I told him that I sent payment he stopped looking at my message on ICQ afterwards and ignored me after I kept messaging him. Learn from my mistake and Tim’s. The website is most likely handled by a handful of people no larger than 5-6 people trying to entice gullible sheep into thinking that it’s legit. The proofs they provide are most likely not their own proofs but someone else’s and just slapped their name on it.

One thing to note about the forum is that they don’t allow you to message other users that say they are new at this to keep you from blabbing about the truth from their scams. Also, every post that you try to put up HAVE to be approved by the moderator so if they read what they like, they let you post it, if they don’t they delete it and it never makes it to the public.

All this is from my own observations about the website, and that’s not to say that all carders are scams. Most might be, but there are some that are legit. But the legit ones wouldn’t be caught dead seen promoting their services on .com websites and can only be found on .onion

I guess that should’ve been the first red flag I should’ve seen but I was in a really big pinch at the point. Still am, but I think I’ve figured a solution out. Anyone who reads this, please don’t send bitcoins to any “legit carders” that you found on .com websites because they are all fake. Not just darknetforums.com but cardingmafia and whatever other ones. NO LEGIT CARDER IS GOING TO PROMOTE SERVICE ON DOTCOM WEBSITES!

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