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DeepDotWeb: Cenceorship Ruining Our Saftey


It seems Deepdot has finally started on the downwards hill, showing bi-est censorship and a profit focused relationship with the markets

Im ReskayLeaks. and a lot you know me for redefining the fraud scene by saturating already leaked information.

As we know, if you go to the guides section on any market, you can see why darknet fraudsters have slowly been turned into the butt of the joke for the past year or so.

70% of guide sellers resell Tor Carding Forum or Evo Info or from 2013
Others Like Moka and Alpha sell their guides for a very high price yet there free online!

I decided that if we saturate these guides, it would stop the scammers being able to resell them.

Now i had alot of support on the forum and reddit. ALOT

But wait….
They’ve deleted it all! and my accounts to boot!

No reason given…

they’ve disabled registering on the forum too..

I dont understand, Deepdot earn money of us by CPA advertising via VPN deals and CPM revenue.

Isnt that enough? cant you leave the censorship of important information to someone else? thanks

No answers will be giving either because they think they’re god-like.

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i am only curious why dnstats.net giving different results compare to deepdotweb … it is really confusing at all

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