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Is it trustworthy or a scam website? Not too sure as previously was said to be a scam site and from a thread i saw from 10 months ago. someone has 700+ pages of ratings, i.e 7000+ orders, usable?

  • Anonymous weedboy asked 4 years ago
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This vendor is a total Scam. Does not even exist. I’m a noob when it comes to DNM’s, but it has taught me a valuable lesson. I placed orders with 2 vendors on this market, (pharmasupplies and DoctorFreedom) at the beginning of July and have not received anything or heard back from the many messages I have sent to both the Drug Market admin. and both of the vendors individually. The resolve link on their page does not even work. I had only had Tor on my computer for a couple of days and could not believe such a cool thing even existed. I pretty much picked them at random. Those crooks stole .65 Bitcoin from me. I have since learned that there are reputable markets and vendors out there. You just have to do a little research first. The DeepDotWeb is a good place to start. Read some forums. There are several places to look to see if markets/vendors are real and how they are rated. I have not been ripped off since. What is infuriating is that their page is still up and they are no doubt still scamming people. DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY DOWN THE HOLE THAT CALLS THEMSELVES DRUG MARKET!

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