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Okay, What the Fuck is up with the fact that every so often (7 days to 2 weeks max) the icon on my task bar for my Tor Browser just up and disappears. The first time I thought it may be a fluke, even though it Never happened before to ANY icon that started an app. Anyway, thinking something was up I took measures to restart the browser. It asked me if I wanted to do it in a “compatible mode” it did this but it was just a glorified Firefox Browser with a Little Tor onion in the upper left hand corner. In no other way did it resemble a legitimate tor browser. Well….. it just happened again. Curious i did the same thing i did last time and low AND behold it gave me what appeared to be a bogus browser exactly the same as last time. Each time my only alternative was to get rid of any references to tor that i could find on my machine and then install the tor browser from scratch. This seemed to remedy the situation. I once again have a legitimate looking/acting tor browser. I have all the safeguards in place Exp VPN Tails Tor the freaking works. Has anybody else had similar experiences. Do any admins reading this have any thoughts. I’d love to know what’s going on.
Thanks in advance.

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