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I got some LSD from gamma goblin a month ago and since I used it have been skeptical as to whether it was actually acid or an nBome. I preformed an Ehrlich test and it did turn purple but only after leaving it for around fifteen minutes not the expected three. Both me any my friends had some serious language supression and it lasted for around 10 hours when i took 220 micrograms sublingually. HAs anyone else had a similar experience with GG’s 110 blotters or can confirm they are acid?

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You talking about the Aztec crystal? Gamma’s always been very on point I think, I heard the LE Morning Star hits were LSD-1, not LSD-25, but I highly doubt he would lay nBome instead of LSD, were you chiefin on weed? that always fucks me up, can’t even speak, I’ve been basically illiterate on 3 or 4 hits so if it happened to me with 2, especially from gamma, I would chok it up to the potency and/or purity of the L

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can happen in any psyche. led is tasteless, despite ink taste or solvents. you Polly were just really lit. it is normal. my rule is don’t mix booze and eat clean foods, veggies for trip and only take one dose and feel it out first.
there’s plenty of quality L flowing and Gamma provides some of the best. good luck

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