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There’s a story but, I won’t hide the lead. Here’s the question: IS IT TRULY POSSIBLE TO USE PURCHASED ITEMS FROM A VENDOR AND LIVE AS SOMEONE ELSE?

I’m not talking about stealing someone’s identity, their life’s work or emptying their bank accounts. I mean, is there REALLY a way to procure a new DL that matches a SSN Card that will E-Verify (some of us need to work) and enable someone to start over?

I’ve worked at employment agencies, scans DON’T WORK. Any agency or employer who knows what they’re doing, will only accept you, in person and carrying physical government issued i.d. card and SSN card. A passport will trump both but a SSN is is required as proof you can work in the U.S.

So, I understand the demand and therefore, market for an i.d that gets you into a bar. I even, in remote areas of my mind, “get” the market for identities others can fleece. However, a market for a “new life” due to spousal abuse, for example, exists as well. Can and how is that particular market satisfied. Actually, can it?

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There are few ways to get a new VERIFIED ID (SSN registered in government’s DBs); Some vendors are selling ‘true’ SSN numbers, who are not stealing anyone’s ID & who exists in DBs : in fact, there are some ‘blank’ identities who waiting to be attributed, introduced by hackers/arrangments inside the US ID Services…

I don’t have any solutions to verify the ID number you’ll buy, but a lot of sellers says they are selling true SSN, who are finally false. Imho, best sellers are true governments employements who have a direct access to DB/SSServices, I guess you can find some of them on BlackMarkets =)

In case your SSN is not registered, u guess it, you’ll get in trouble at the first ID check.

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