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Green Road - anyone had business on there ?


Hello folks,

first of all, you probably know the ‘reknown’ wiki page , which tells about most of the ‘main’ good stuffs we can find on Tor.

Well guess what ?

Under the ‘Drugs’ category, …. here it is , Green Road; and guess what ? labelled exactly as quote “Biggest marketplace with full working escrow (similar to the old SR) “

sooo biggest drug marketplace …. right ??

who the fvck are these clowns hosting the hidden wiki first of all .

so yeah, Green road, i deposited 0.25 bitcoins ( alomost 120$ CAD ).

and well, the money dont show up on my account balance.

I should have searched the net before doing that, as all i found on google about ‘Green Road’, were people sayng they got scammed too.

So really, …. that is really Disapointing… to get ‘misleaded’ and even ‘SCAMMED’
by THA ‘FUCKIN’ OFIICIAL tor wiki.

Its just ,… its not like i was rich. Im on wellfare money, and i wont let go the 120$ which i spend on here to get what i expected for.


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dont worry man, you are not alone… me to, and i just got scammed by CC seller on deep web…

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Green Road is a 100% total scam. Do NOT go by anything the hidden wicki says. Always do your research on forums etc before depositing coins on any site.

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IDK, I ordered from them on my sons ‘go ahead’ because Abraxas is down. after 2 days the order says ‘in transit’. I’m leery and disappointed. Hoping something will arrive.

  • freespinning4ever answered 3 years ago
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Green Road is a total scam. Never trust anything from the hidden wicki.

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