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How To Be On the First pages of Dream Market


Dear Admin,

Im a new Vendor and I am now active on my first market
”Dream Market”. I have been a vendor for couple of days now and today I added products that I sell.

Problem is, when I search for ex: Haze or Weed / Hash:
I see alot of pages with lots of Vendor’s but my products are not to be found, unless I or a Client searches my name Deathrow000.

So my first question is : How can I be on the first or first few pages on Dream Market, it has thousands of pages, this way clients will never see my offers.

2nd question: Im on Dream Market but I do not have Escrow, but I see some vendors that don’t have Escrow as well, when making my profile I couldn’t disable Escrow there was only ”yes” option I could choose, how to undo Escrow? I did leave a message on my profile that we only accept Bitcoins or Euro.

Can you please help me out ? Especially with the first question, my profile is lost in all those pages, so I or my offers can’t be found. I really need to solve this. If you can help me out , I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,


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