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I sent threats but I didn't do the crime.


I had been making non violent threats to and old friend of mine who used me for a connection and stole a job from under me. they blocked me on all their cellphone apps…but its pretty easy to bypass those…so daily i send them a message about what a fucking user they are, I tell them how i’m gonna make sure they lose the job & how karma will get them and i will make sure they regret using me…Ive been doing it for a while (3 months)..We were best friends it sucked finding out they were only using me.

they told me if i kept messaging them they’d take me to the cops…i stopped for a little then i continued cause I honestly didn’t care if they went to the cops to complain about text messages…I was just super angry…My plan really was to get him to lose the job..I am well known in our town and i’m the one who called the head of that company to get my friend the interview for a position, little did I know he’d go after my position with the resume I wrote for him & block me on everything after he got it without even mentioning or saying sorry thank you, nothing. I was just gonna contact the same guy and ask for the favor…but i still haven’t brought myself to do it.

I have never threatened his home friends, family, car, personal belongings, I have never threatened to hurt him physically…however i did say a lot of open ended things like “you will pay you wont get away with it”

come to find out, I am not the only enemy he has, someone slit his tires & messed up his car, I am 100% certain his ex had something to do with that but I hear he is going to go to the police with my “threatening” messages. idk if he really thinks it was me or if he just getting me back cause he knows i can afford to pay if im ordered & she can, shit he couldve slit the tires himself, he is that kind of person, apparently his ex is out of town but she has sisters.

If the police do come to me i was definitely at work during the time it happened but our mutual friend is telling me he is gonna say i have alot of money so i could make people do things.

I really didnt do it, & i learned my lesson about threatening messages cause i kind of set myself up…but honestly if i was gonna do something like that i wouldnt have sent any threats lol I would been silent.

I just want to know if those texts are enough for police to open an investigation on me & get warrants for my phone & laptop & shit even if i have an alibi, i definitely dont need cops going through my stuff.

whats likely to happen here?

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