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I want to build a laptop to last 50 years.


I am looking into many ways of getting cheap and effective parts. Are there any markets for extreme electronics, bitcoin miners are a plus too, later investments sure. But as far as relevance, I would be fine with russian made intel microprocessors, but as to how to navigate this enormous environment, I am at awe to its depth. I will greatly appreciate an answer to my question.

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Laptop is limited with space, therefore you can put inside whatever you want. the newest graphic cards are for desktop, you need to wait to get the same card for laptop until they make it. laptop can never get so good configuration like desktop because of limited space. therefore your laptop can never last 50 years than max 5 years. the best components are very expensive so clevo assemble the best laptops for about 5-7 000 euro. check sagernotebook (32GB RAM, 3TB HDD, NVIDIA Quadro K5100M GPU) and they are cheaper than other companies.
by the way, NSA hack hardware so Russia will exclude intel and cisco and so on, they will try to build computers with Baikal chips produced in moscow. some people say that russian military is using Elbrus computers:


So, good luck :)

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