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Need to hire someone to pose as me intermittently for the next few months once a week for a sweat patch drug test cycle for custody battle. I’m a fully functioning user with an education and good job fighting for custody of my children. They can’t go with their abusive manipulative father. He kidnapped them and held them for two months from me. The only thing keeping him from jail is me saying the kids still need him in their lives (visitation as often as they want but just not living with him!) & this testing. My children are always clean and fed
Well and honor students. I can’t lose them to him or foster care over this. I will stop if it is myn OnlyOption but I’m not there yet still. I have optionsTo exhaust.
Keep running into dead ends.

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Seriously? So this guy is not good for your children to live with but is just peachy for visitation?
Let’s see so you think that he’s not good for your kids but you , an excuse making drug addict is ? Do you know how ridiculous ,petty,selfish and just plain stupid you sound ?
You’ve got “options” still to exhaust ? № , dumbass you’re losing your children ! WTFU ! Unless he’s a pedophile he’s much better for the kids than you EVER will be and if he is a sicko pedo – they’re better off in foster care than witha delusional mother ! Good God you’re dumb.

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