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Is it possible to be scammed through mulitsig escrow?


I was making a deal using multisig escrow service on coinb.in. I made an adress and sent the public key to him. And he sent me info back. Everything seems to be alright I double checked everything. It’s made with my public key. I haven’t showed my private key to anybody.

I have three times tried to do something on dark web and always been scammed. So I’m trying to double check this time.

I bought a transfer from a site called counterfeit center but I haven’t sent the bitcoins into the multisig yet because I’m just worried that I will be scammed again.

Is coinb.in trustworthy?

Can any of these two parties scam me?

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Let me Start with the answer, YES it is possible to geht scammed. But if you habe made severe research and ASK other forums , you will habe a better Chance. Try asking on reddit,PAL.
Hope, i was helpful.

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