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is tor really broken ?


how all the tor users are getting caught ?
recently peace or peaceofmind who was behind all mega breach was also caught…
i have heard that some other realdeal users are also got arrested
how is FBI, NSA etc.. are tracing them ?
if possible please write a post about it
that how people are getting caught & where they fucked up :)

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I’m not reading big timers getting caught? Just bunches of idiots using bad OPSec and Crappy amateur markets.
NZ Underworld and the arrests seemed to be linked. Maybe it never purged encrypted addresses and cops managed to bust a cpl of vendors getting PGP’s etc or people were using auto encrypt on the site etc.

They are in no way in control, the fact they had to include boarder forces around the globe to bust what they did proves just how fucked they are.
When you add up millions of dollars in funds, and countless LEA’s they can hardly get anyone with half decent OPSec?
All big vendors are still opeational and all big markets online.

If you are really worried watch the pedos, to the best of my knowledge no pedos are getting caught recently and the ones that were in past busts were idiots using Java Script!!

When there is no pedo community left on tor because they suddenly find every site and arrest every viewer, then you can worry about tor being finished.

They are coming after us instead of the pedos because we mix real world with darknet and it’s easier to exploit our real world weaknesses.

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NSA/CIA/FBI register and make database of all bitcoin and tor users. beside it, tor and firefox developers help to the FBI.
that’s all.
of course, it is a big job to register all bitcoin and tor users, but that’s what they do. they get help from data centers, ISPs, university network admins, etc, they all register tor users, for example on the basis of port and with the help of network monitoring software, they use also bitcoin exchangers like coinbase to register all BTC users.

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i dont think thats correct..

What about other countries?
countries like incia or pakistan i read some news that darket vendors are getting caught there..
i dont think they also have a DB of tor users & bitcoin transfer
& i dont think NSA is kind enough to help them
then how they are tracing tor users ?

you can read about indian vendors here on deepdotweb..
search it :)

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