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law enforcement trap me or exit scam??


So my turtle Rick bought something off a DNM the other day and the seller shipped the item then canceled the order said it got returned for some reason so he said reorder an he’ll throw in extra for the troubl.The guy had great ratings and was quick with the response so rick did and when he bought the second order the dude didn’t ship for a couple of days then Sent a msg saying to plz FE the order and Rick said no Cuz he hadn’t worked with dude long enough. Then Rick gets a msg saying that he wants to meet in person to do the order cuz it just fucking happens he lives in the same town….a town in the middle of the fucking desert….this scared rick so damn back he won’t come back out of his fucking shell for fear of having a gun jammed down his throat.

My worry is that when they accepted the order and refunded the bitcoin that they can now somehow track that bitcoin back to my stupid fucking turtle… he used Bulls hit ship info so should be good there. Someone please let me kmow what really went down and what to do now to clean up this mess.

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Yes, that sounds really shady. The whole point of using DNM is not having to meet the vendor IRL. A vendor that wants to meet up is either a vendor with terrible OPSEC or LE. In either case, STAY AWAY!

As for the bitcoin question: if it can trace back to you depends on how well both your turtle and the market have dealt with the coins. If they’ve been properly tumbled/mixed/etc and addresses never reused you should probably be fine. BUT since it is quite likely that you might have LE snooping around it is better to assume that you are NOT fine and take necessary precautions going forward to not add anything that adds more ties to you. Also assume that they know who you are and are watching your activity for the time being. Any traces that have been left up until now can’t really be changed since they’re already recorded on the blockchain and in the logs of any exchange(s) that you’ve used. How I would move forward would depend on the specific details, but please don’t type them here. Be careful and don’t rush anything, think long and hard about what might the best move. At this point you can’t really make anything worse by inaction, the wrong action however can make things infinitely worse.

Also, make sure that wherever the “bullshit ship info” pointed to won’t bite you in the ass, It can’t really have been 100% bullshit if your turtle expected to get his hands on the mentioned “something” at some point.

In the future, always make sure that there’s a step in between any bitcoin address that can relate to you and your turtles DNM activity that obfuscates the trails in the blockchain. There’s several methods, mixers, exchanging your BTC for something like Monero and then back into a different wallet, etc. Remember to always use TOR while both doing these steps and handling the anonymized coins as connecting your IP to them can make all anonymization attempts moot.

Best of luck!

(This is very general advice since I don’t know what jurisdiction you’re in, the amounts of something we’re talking about, the general situation eg. is the particular something for personal use only or part of a retail operation, etc. These factors would greatly influence the amount of effort any prying eyes will make to put things together.)

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