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list of the most trusted sites on DW


hey there …
after reading plenty of articles ..
I noticed that the sites on the DW are mostly scams
wherever I go I see the sites claiming to be # 1 in the DW
so I thought why is there no list of trusted sites…
..sites that NOT focusing on drugs and guns… sites that a normal modern man can really benefit from and.. helping people to save money etc.
I mean… why the people in there are doing these sort of things they suppose to help each other ..not harming each other
I do know that the marketplaces that mentioned here are good
but to me not so helpful and I’m sure to many others

so I’m asking everybody who know any site on DW and it’s not a scam
plz share it maybe at the end we can make a list everybody can use
so that the newbies and others don’t go though whatever we went through … it’s not hard let us be one hand … everyone just share with us whatever you think it’s helpful
thank you all

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