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Noob here - interested to know what some of the jargon


Hi I’m new to all this and trying to educate myself before registering on some of the dark net markets ,I’m interested to know what some of the jargon means in an almost idiots guide fashion,I understand about tor ,vpn etc but do not understand what multi sig meand and also pgp and gpg ,tails and posed I literally don’t have a clue let alone know how to implement these security measures could someone help .send me an email

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Multi-sig is basically protection of your bitcoins if either the site exit scams or the vendor does. Two keys out of 3 are needed for a transaction to happen, the buyer AKA you, has one key, the vendor, another and then the market, usually a smooth transaction includes you sending the bitcoins and two keys being activated resulting in the vendor receiving his bitcoins. If the market, exit scams, you can get together with the vendor and activate the two keys, or if there is a dispute between the vendor and buyer, the market will split the bitcoins or such. Now, Tails, it is an OS that you want to run off your usb, it leaves no trace of DNM activity, and its a small device allowing for it to be destroyed if need be. PGP encryption comes built in. PGP is basically encrypted emails. You give your public pgp key out so people can encrypt you a message about any transactions and the address the order will be delivered at, i.e. sensitive information like addresses, real names and such should always be sent through PGP. Also, since Tails comes built in with PGP there is no need to download any gpg or pgp softwares. If any more info is needed, visit DarknetMarketNoobs on Reddit, and read thoroughly.

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