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On Silkroad 2.0 Vender Professorhouse selling Amazon refund for his fee of 50% is this scam?


Basically he claims you buy something on Amazon give him your login and pass he gets your item refunded and you get to keep item and pay him 50% of given item’s price?
My question is if he has someone in Amazon working for him why does he needs login why not only transaction number or order number?
Seems to me more like a scam….

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Check his forum reviews to know if its a scam…

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Not sure if his terms have changed but the description on his listing(s) now specifically state he does NOT require your login details but rather just your order number, address, order date and time etc…. This obviously seems a lot more legit! He seems to have pretty immaculate feedback score + people leaving feedback for refunds he’s been successful doing.

The most re-assuring part I’ve seen is that he offers this service with FULL escrow support on agora if it’s your first time dealing with him… This alone has made me VERY tempted to place an order for a PS4 with him.

I couldn’t find any reviews on the forums for him though so was wondering if anyone else has had experience dealing with him since this post was put up?
His account is currently set to vacation/restricted however he did message me 24hours ago telling me he is on holiday with family so at this moment in time I am unsure if he is being investigated or just did a vacation ban….

Obviously only time will tell however if when I have the money needed he is still in business and happy to do the refund WITHOUT requiring any of my login details and using ESCROW then I will trial out his services and leave a review here and on agora forums.

In the meantime, anyone else had any experiences with him?

Many Thanks,

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