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Order seized in Switzerland


HI. Seems one of my orders got checked at the customs (in Switzerland). 2 days ago the police called me for an interview meeting next week. I’m not sure whether I should lie and come up with some kind of story, and that I have no idea about Narcotics.. or whether I should speak truly… the thing I wonder about is:

  1. can they get a search warrant for my house
  2. can/will they drug test me anyways
  3. would I lose my driver license

Does anybody hear has experienced a similar situation?

Guess I will have to meet with a lawyer before I go talk at the police station…

Elsewise, I have no criminal record so far. Though, the order which hasn’t arrived exceeds “a small amount”, and are hard drugs… I can’t afford having to give a hair sample..

Any ideas or insights would be welcome!


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