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I have downloaded TAILS as a torrent file. ive never used torrents until now so I have 0 experience with it. I need to verify my TAILS.iso, but it is a .torrent file. does it need to be converted? ive been working at getting tails up for weeks, but being completely new to this whole thing, its difficult for me. I wish I could find a tutorial. I don’t know how to convert the file either, if I need to even. im using utorrent. any help would be awesome.

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Ok to answer your question im surprised as it got a 1000 views.
you dont need to verify if you downloaded the torrent from there website. which should have been done.
ok so you have the torrent. .iso file. simple put on a USB drive or burn to a CD to use. it runs of ram not Hard drive so u can load from any pc/

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