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PGP (gpg) - erased hardrive on mac


I have been using GPG Suite on my mac. Although I’m not particularly tech savvy I was able to manage the PGP setup. My problem is that my hard drive got wiped when my mac was erased from icloud, and my GPG Suite was not backed up. I still have the private and private key, pass phrase, and email….is it possible to somehow reinstall the GPG software and continue with my previous keys?

This may be demonstrating a lack of understanding of PGP, but I’d rather not go through the hassle of changing keys and relearning installation (as I have forgotten the details)


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Considering this post was uploaded a week ago, I’m going to assume that you found a solution, but if you haven’t I’m here to direct you into the right direction. As long as you have your key pair, passphrase, and login information, you most definitely can retrieve your account. Re download the PGP software and set up an account but instead of creating a new seed, use the seed that you already have to your account.

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