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Please help me


Hello, sorry for my bad english, i’m french.
I made an order 2 weeks ago on the site uk-guns and ammo. And i have not received anything and i did not hear from they.
How i contact them?
I want to repeat a command to be able to speak. But it works more.
When i click to confirm my order, it put me a blank page.
Why? How do i?
And i would like transfer bitcoin i have left on the site wallet.
But it does not work it makes me the same black page.
But the most important is how can i join the site.
Please help me, i do not know how to do! I would just be able to join them or they can send me a message.
The site is: UK guns and ammo: tuu66yxvrnn3of7l.onion

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You used a scam site and you got scammed.

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salut l’ami je suis corse et moi aussi me suis fais avoir sur agora j’espere que tu a pus recuperer tes btc mais moi j’ai une adresse pour le site uk gun et c’est la meme que la tienne et dire que j’ai failli leur passer une commande si tu connais un site sérieux envoie moi le lien
merci amicalement

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