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RoyalCash: legit or scam?


This isn’t precisely a question; but I was looking for information regarding RoyalCash, and I found nothing
…until I cam across the most recent comment on this page:
I thought maybe I could save someone some heartache by posting here. Don’t get scammed by people claiming to sell pre-shredded money.

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Yep, definitely a scam… if only I had seen this 2 weeks ago, I could have saved myself 400 bucks.

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You are right,
Royal cash = Cash lord = Cash is king.
They keep changing their names because they are scammers.
Their reviews are monitored and when you write a negative comment, they will rewrite it into a good one.
If you complain in their reviews, then they will rewrite it or do not post it.
Any sites which states similar thing (.i.e. pay bitcoin and get money) = scammers.
REviews are made by them to lure people into the scams.
They will respond to email until you send them btc, after which they will not respond AT ALL.
100% site on financial and commercial services on hidden wiki = also SCAms!!!

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