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The real story behind Evolution. IT’S SCAM AND ADMIN IS THIEF!


Till a few days ago I was a vendor (DiazNL) at Evolution with 96% + feedback and 158 sells in 2 months time. Two days ago I tried to log in and I saw a very strange message: “this account has been disabled”
I thought with myself. FUCK…. They robbed me. I sent a message to them and here below you see their response.

It seems my account has been deactivated! I understand if you had told me I can’t work here any more but I still have lots of money I should still get. It’s totally unfair! I won’t sell anything any more and remove all my listings but you can give me the opportunity to collect the money from items I’ve already sold and sent. I have sent a lot of stuff but haven’t got the money yet as it’s in escrow. I don’t want to sell and you may remove my listings but what about the money I still should get?


Moderator themostseekrit
Jun 22, 2014 16:15 UTC

This is not unfair at all in our opinion. I am questioning whether or not you actually sent those orders, as we have handled way too many disputes and complaints from you for you not to have a problem. On top of that, your conduct is extremely unprofessional and not fit for a vendor here. For these reason, we have suspended your account, and as a result the money in escrow has been refunded to your buyers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for understanding??? Stealing my money and blocking my account needs my understanding?!
Way too many dispute? I’ve made a copy of my dashboard and it’s clear I had at that time 96% + feedback. What do they call “too many disputes”?? Even if it was that and that’s absolutely NOT the case. They could warn me to stop selling, collect my money and leave, right? Why blocking my account without warning? Does it have any other name than scam and stealing??
After a while and exchanging some mails with these scammers I’ve noticed something interesting. The sentence construction and words these “different” guys use were amazingly similar.
To make the long story short, I’ve come to the conclusion that the whole website runs with very few people. I guess 3-4 very young persons. They use lots of nicknames and make lots of fake accounts as buyers and vendors. THE ONLY VENDORS who amazingly enough have 100% + feedback out of 300-400 sells are these guys themselves. Feedbacks are fake. No one with some brain can believe that a vendor has sold 300-400 items without any negative feedback! These vendors (so the admin of site themselves) are the only who have the right to FE. I was a successful vendor with lots of satisfied customers and they started losing their own customers so they just stole my money and blocked my account. Kimble, themostseekrit (as operator and owner!) or ryphz111 as buyer are all same people. One person with lots of different titles and names. If you just look at those titles you think you have a huge international company dealing with. Lots of administrators, operators, customer service, CEO’s etc. LOL
I can’t be more agree with the admin of this website and this is my message:
DO YOUR HOMEWORK and NEVER put lot of money in your wallet no matter which market you go in.
AND ……. STAY AWAY FROM Evolution. They will ROB YOU soon or late!

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