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What is a: P 51D Mustang, and was it used in the attack of pearl harbor. What was a b-27 flying fortress,what was the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima called?, And what was the name of the plane that dropped the bomb and what was a “Hein Tony”? Answer all of that if you can!!

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werent the bombs little man and fat boy or big boy and the plane was the “enola gay” was the other plane sentimental journey named after the song, replete with leggy bombshell on the nose cone, deaths legs never looked so fuckable.. Was that what you were asking? I went to the white sands missile base and they have fat boy on display (or its identical launched bastard twin) I posted some video of it on youtube, its the one with the requiem for a dream soundtrack just search white sands missile base new mexico, pretty fuggin innaresting (as wm s burroighs would’ve said)

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