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Warning Letter through Post


Hi, I got a letter through the post today from Belgium this is what it said:


We are a group of people who hunt pervert’s on the internet.CL8
By pervert’s we mean people who visit/download RAPE/ANIMAL & CHILD-PORN site’s.
In TOR Browser those pervert’s think they are safe,… NOT FOR US.

Also YOU visit/Download our “LOCK” site’s,….and make’s you our target.
Do you have any idea, how much suffer of animal and people you increase,
just by visit/download this sickness! I don’t think you do.
That’s why we want you off the TOR network.

It’s not east to get somebody’s identity, but after you where “locked”,
We also find out that you are a HARD DRUG SMUGGLER by mail to your country.
You did that in a very dumb way!

We don’t like people like you… A PERVERT DRUG DEALER!
You have to understand we are helpt by people who also work in TOR,
for obvious reason’s… Not many people are against us…Only the sick one’s.
We got your name, adress, IP, nickname’s, 24christiaan for example, screenshots, and some other surprising information about you.
We want you out of TOR Forever.

You pay 500 Euro FINE in Bitcoin to this BTC adress
(make sure you have the amount and BTC adress CORRECT ! ! )
And never come back to TOR again! !
60% of that money goes to charity…Against animal and child abuse.

If you do not pay and leave TOR,we find it our duty of warning your neighborhood and police.
Your neighbors, we will contact them also by mail(only need google-maps)
That mail include’s your name and adress.
And police ofcourse by Email.
Your life will never be the same, if you not pay, and leave TOR.

Do not underestimate us! ! We are fanatic about this sickness.
After payment your ‘file’ will be deleted, and never want to see you again!
And you never hear from us again.



Any idea what this is about? My first thought was that it is a scam. This language, grammar, spelling and punctuation is all wrong. I don’t visit animal or child porn websites. They even got my username wrong. Should i be worried or not?

The letter was also sent anonymously which makes me think either someone is trying to scam me or I’m being blackmailed. Are letters through the post common like this when using the deep dot web

  • Christian Beneteke asked 3 years ago
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Just ignore that,
and We see what happens.
I think nothing happen, because it is stupid prank / scam.
Stay safe!

Best regards,

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Clean your home if you really are a drug dealer.
Delete all your mails etc.

FULL RESET your all electronics.
And wait 1-2 Months to start again your buisness.

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dude your in deep water thats not at all a normal deep web thing. imagine if someone did that to you and you were on the normal web. its alot easier but the fact they did it to you from the deep is to keep anonymous; I bet it was someone you bought something off and sen your address to on the deep. either that or a friend is trying to scam you.

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