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what happens if they intercept my package?


what happens if they intercept my package? I know to not use my name but will I get arrested? I live in the US.

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Whoa. Using a fake name= sure fire way to make sure your package gets extra inspection.
The people making these videos are typically pretty clueless, and do not typically exhibit good security, or what we call it around here: OPSEC.
For the most part, you are far better off following text and image based guides, despite the fact they are slightly more difficult to follow.
Secondly, to answer these questions: domestic orders mostly go through bomb screenings, and sorting facilities. Unless the shipment reeks, or looks suspicious (like a bomb), or looks like the vendors typical packages (not likely) it will arrive fine. There are no definite statistics on this though.
International packages go through far more screening, and are far more likely to be intercepted. Still, many get through just fine, because of the vendors good packaging. Again there are no definite stats.
If you package does get intercepted, what happens depends on the amount, what your area is like, and your personal background is. The results can vary from a seizure notice to a full blown arrest and house raid, and everything in between… It really varies.
The best you can do is protect yourself: use TAILS on a laptop, or Whonix (on top of a hard ended Linux distro). Use only encrypted drives. Tumble your coins. Use PGP. Do not use iGolder, use an actual damn program. Do not keep huge amounts of drugs at your house. Lawyer up if needed. You admit to nothing until you see a lawyer.
You get what I’m saying? The more layers of security you use, the safer (and smarter) you become. There is no totally safe way to do this all, but there are safer ways to go about it.

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