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Why Would Vendor Reject Order sent without PGP'ing address?


I see that some vendors will reject an order sent to them without using PGP for transmittal of the address. Why is that? Wouldn’t the risk be on the buyer should the market be compromised or the vendor busted?

I guess I dont understand why a vendor would care one way or another. I am sure they would prefer to deal with people that know and use PGP but a sale is sale- right?

Enlighten me people.

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They are responsible vendors! trying to educate the buyers and maintain a high level of security standards for buyers and vendors.

Its very rare that vendors are doing this as far as i know, mostly since most of the buyers not using PGP unless the market is forcing them to.

Did a vendor actually told you that this is the reason for cancellation? did you send plain text or used privatenote or something similar? (in this case it obvious why he would cancel – did not want to open the privatenote link)

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