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I was making a deal using multisig escrow service on coinb.in. I made an adress and sent the public key to him. And he sent me info back. Everything seems to be alright I double checked everything. It’s made with my public key. I haven’t showed my private key to anybody.

I have three times tried to do something on dark web and always been scammed. So I’m trying to double check this time.

I bought a transfer from a site called counterfeit center but I haven’t sent the bitcoins into the multisig yet because I’m just worried that I will be scammed again.

Is coinb.in trustworthy?

Can any of these two parties scam me?

  • olberg asked 5 months ago
  • last active 5 months ago
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SO, found this website called royal cards, had a ad on the torch search page, so thought should look into it.
Now, the prices look ok , he’s giving a prepaid visa of 2700$ at 130$ so that’s the only thing ticking me.
Is he legit or just another scammer on the Deep web like Dashtor cause that guy did scam me.

  • Hurracan asked 8 months ago
  • last active 1 month ago
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Hello everyone, I am curious about how I should go about selling//hosting software for sale on the Alphabay Market. A quick walkthrough or link to a tutorial would be perfect. I am just wondering how to go about posting software for it to easily be downloaded after purchase, in order to avoid having to send it in the mail

  • Anony asked 12 months ago
  • last active 6 months ago
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I am thinking of doing some work on a site that forces me to enable Javascript. Is there a real danger in enabling it for a short period of time while doing some work?

  • MC asked 1 year ago
  • last active 1 year ago
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Hi everyone !

Just a little question

When I go on a site I can see through what IPs is passing the TOR network

For example
This browser
country (
country (178.25.360.54)
country (

Until here no problem but I saw that my first ip so here ( was never changing no matter on what site I was.

Is this normal ? Or do I have a problem ?


  • zsxedc asked 2 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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can I have some simple instructions on how to use privnote? I can’t seem to get it to work. I use to use SMS4TOR, but now that page won’t even come up.

  • yaybird asked 2 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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Just curious if I was ever in a situation where someone was trying to link a public IP that was obtained over VPN…could my spotify account give me away?

For example, I’m on my normal ISP connected to spotify….suddenly I flip on VPN and spotify see’s my IP address change.

If someone had the logs for spotify wouldn’t that perfectly link me to the new public IP address I’m receiving over VPN?

Or am I think about this wrong?

  • CuriousGeorge asked 2 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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Spartan’s Dark Rift rotates it’s address to help with anonymity. I am unable to access it so I am assuming that is the case. Does anybody know the address to this site?

Thank You.

  • yaybird asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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hi there

got 2 questions

1) anyone know if “Mrfungi” is a scammer or not?

2)anyone know if http://ccch4idk6wimi4ka.onion/faqs.html is a scam? they did offer me to use “BigEscrow”

anyone know some non-scammer cc traders?

  • BBBBBB asked 3 years ago
  • last active 12 months ago
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Where can i find the link to new SIlk Road?

  • TomRiddle asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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what is the link for SR3?

many thank you’s and greetings

  • Yun asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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Does this actually work or am i wasting my time?

  • Erik asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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Does anyone no some sites were they sell cvv with or with out pin?

I am been scam to many times now and yes I have look for info about the sellers I have use. And looking in all the scammed list there is.
Could some one make a list for real sellers there really want to make business?

Some one no this to: h77dywpf7536f7gx.onion the email is goldman @ mail2tor.com

cardd2cmd5cordze.onio email is originalCARDS @ Z1P.BIZ

I am looking for some one there really want business need danish cards

Best Regards

Little Miss Mermaid

  • Little Mermaid asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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When 1.0 was around I used to use BitInstant to buy my BTC as it was quick and I never had to give up my name or any personal information.

Because it was 100% anonymous I felt comfortable sending my BTC straight to SR from there.

Now we use localbitcoins.com (highly recommended for the most affordable one of the most fast way to getu BTC, in my opinion).

So first off I’m buying my BTC via local bitcoins by doing a direct cash deposit as they are set up ready to go on the website which go into a random national chain bank (I never meet up with people face to face for obvious security reasons). Sometimes sellers will want sent to them a copy of the receipt with the transaction ID on it and sometimes our name (which is fake). If they ask for this I use our designated LBTC name, erase all the metadata from the image and send it from a burner computer in a public wifi hotspot…

Considering that I don’t use the same person/bank every time and they’re getting 0 personal information about me, is there any problem with sending the BTC directly to Agora or SR2.0 or whatever?

We do a significant amount of buying but I don’t feel as though we move enough product to warrant LE focusing on us as it would be a waste of tax payers money.

Questions, comments, concerns please!!!

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