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Bulk MDMA Importer Headed to Prison for 30 Months

A Lithuanian man attempted to smuggle almost 10 kilograms of MDMA into Northern Ireland through the mail, an announcement from the UK’s National Crime Agency explained. At a hearing in early June, a judge at Newry Crown Court sentenced the man to two and a half years in prison. NCA officers arrested the defendant, Lukas Urbutis, 25, at his home ... Read More »

Dark Web Increased E-commerce Fraud by 30 Percent, Report Finds

The e-commerce world is continually facing a threat to its rising fame and user appreciation; e-commerce fraud. There has been a steady rise in sales tied to e-commerce platforms across the globe with many embracing the trend. In the same manner, e-commerce fraud has been making a gradual climb from 2015 to date. A report commissioned by Experian highlights the ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup, July 30, 2017

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: A BTC-e operator was arrested, accused of laundering $4 billion, there may be a connection to the Mt Gox hack Various reports indicate that a 38-year-old Russian man recently arrested in Greece for money laundering was an operator at popular cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e. The man, Alexander Vinnik, is accused ... Read More »

Canadian College Required to Pay 30 Bitcoins by Ransomware, Investigation Opens

Cambrian college, a Canadian university based in Sudbury, Ontario, recently fell victim to a severe ransomware attack which disabled the majority of the functions and services designed for students and professors of the university. According to the representatives of Cambrian college, the ransomware specifically targeted servers and databases of platforms used by students and professors throughout the school year. Although ... Read More »

Playpen Creator & Lead Administrator Found Guilty, 30 Years in US Prison

On May 1, Steven Chase, a 58-year-old creator and lead administrator of Playpen, was officially sentenced to 30 years in prison by US District Judge Richard Voorhees of the Western District of North Carolina. Chase was also required to forfeit his residence in Naples and accept a lifetime term of supervised release. Playpen is a sophisticated dark web marketplace and ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup April 30, 2017

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: Understanding Antbleed, bitcoin’s new controversy After the AsicBoost controversy, bitcoin now has the antbleed controversy to deal with. Essentially, a mining chip vulnerability involving controversial company Bitmain could be used to remotely shut down bitcoin mining hardware, as the company added a “backdoor” that allows them to control hardware ... Read More »

Hospitals in Turkey Report Spike in Synthetic Cannabinoids from the Darknet

In Manisa, Turkey, an official spoke to the press regarding an ongoing drug dependency issue—precisely an issue tied to the darknet. Dr. Ümit Atman, Head of the Public Health Department’s Drug Dependency Program, had a unique perspective. She said that 30 percent of the people hospitalized for drug issues purchased the substance(s) online. The increasing number of hospitalizations, she said, ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis March 30. 2016

This week  the price of bitcoin has been moving up in a series of higher lows, from a low bottom $382, but, only marginally moving up from a sideways trading range active since the first week of March. This 12 hour chart from Bitstamp shows $420, a resistance and support level, tested multiple times in a bid to break up ... Read More »

Man Jailed For 30 Months For Exchanging CP On Dark Net Sites

Joel Morter (25) has been jailed for using dark web CP (child porn) websites for exchanging under-aged sex media and for making under-aged girls strip off naked in front of a webcam. When police have raided Morter’s house they found him at his computer reading child abuse stories online. Law enforcement authorities have found 919 child porn related content, including ... Read More »

Bitcoin price analysis 30 September 2015

This week, bitcoin’s price broke out strongly to the upside, a scenario expected in last week’s analysis. $224 was the final bottom, a firm base for a thrust up to $233 from the downtrend channel preceding this low. Breaking out of the downtrend was ultimately to be followed by a short run up in price, seen here as another trend ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 30 Aug. 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. U.S teenager has been arrested for facilitating ISIS with bitcoins. As Deepak Tiwari of Bitcoinistwrites, Ali Shukri Amin, 17 has been sentenced to 11.3 years in prison for funding ISIS. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Amin was arrested for providing advice to ISIS supporters as well as instructions ... Read More »

East India Market Hacked – 30 BTC Gone

Its been a while since last time… But it appears that East India Company – One of the newer markets, got hacked, homepage now displays this message: East India Company is currently offline The hidden service is either under maintenance or undergoing routine migration to a new location. A Spanish merchant named laBoliviana has found an exploit and decided to ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 1.7.14

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web Industry News The U.S. government held a bitcoin auction on Friday, June 27th. According to MarketWatch, the government’s supply of digital currency was in high demand, with 63 total registered bids. Individuals interested in the auction include SecondMarket’s Barry ... Read More »