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Murder Accused Victim Explored the Dark Web before Death of Wife

According to recent court reports, a Middlesbrough man accused of murdering his wife, used the dark web to buy guns and hire hit men just months before the death of his wife. The charged man, 37-year-old pharmacist Mitesh Patel, went onto the dark web with the help of his colleague, Sam Hornby, 17, who worked part-time at the pharmacy, the ... Read More »


Research – Categorization of Content Hosted on Freenet

Western societies have recently been highly attentive to a part of the internet known as the darknet during the past few years. While mainstream media has focused on the criminal aspects of these invisible parts of the internet, research, on the other hand, has paid more attention to the darknet technology, known as Tor. A recently published research paper focused ... Read More »

The 33-year-old suspect is facing 68 charges relating to the crimes he allegedly committed on the dark web forum.

Former PSC professor Accused of Threatening Judge with Dark Web Hitmen

A professor is accused of threatening a judge with assassination. The professor who was formerly attached to the Pensacola State College (PSC) was indicted for several charges of intimidating statements towards a judge of the Pensacola court. The professor is to be charged with up to three charges concerning him being accused of threatening the judge. The accused, by the ... Read More »

Arizona men accused of trafficking of Apple products

Law enforcement has arrested four men from Arizona facing multiple charges concerning the illegal trafficking of stolen electronic gadgets and stolen Apple products to overseas markets. Two of the men have been identified as Michael Stoian and Arik Tasa Bennet, 24 and 25 years old respectively. Their release bond is placed at $1 million, while they are held at Maricopa ... Read More »

Female Entertainer Accused of Killing a Cat on the Dark Web

Animal Rights organizations are currently pursuing some legal action against a female DJ whom they have accused of killing an adopted kitten brutally for the purposes of obtaining bitcoins. The group maintained that the kitten killing had been featured within a video that was streamed on a secret forum of a website that is operated for individuals that seek violence. ... Read More »

German Couple Accused of Selling Ecstasy and Cocaine on the Darkweb

A 33-year-old living in Bavaria sold a massive amount of amphetamine, hashish, LSD, and ecstasy pills through a darkweb marketplace, the Ansbach Public Prosecutor said during a recent hearing. The man, known to the public as “Holger K.,” faces drug trafficking charges listed in an indictment that consisted of four pages worth of drug crimes. His wife has also been ... Read More »

Trial Begins for Men Accused of Buying Glocks from a Cop on the Darkweb

The trial for two Co Antrim men accused of attempting to purchase a Glock on the darkweb began in October at Belfast Crown Court. At the first appearance, the court heard how both suspects had interacted with an undercover police officer and discussed their plans over WhatsApp before getting arrested during the “gun deal.” The Police Service of Northern Ireland ... Read More »

Canadian Man Accused of Selling Fentanyl on Alphabay and Dream

After announcing the arrest of the largest fentanyl vendor in the United States, the United States federal government unsealed the court documents detailing the arrest of the third largest dark web fentanyl vendor. Although the man was arrested in January, United States officials waited until after the man had committed suicide to announce his arrest. In a sworn affidavit in ... Read More »

College Student Accused Of Helping Dark Web Drug Lord Friend

Following an investigation into the arrest of Dov Tenenboim 33, accused of running a dark web drug trade, authorities have discovered that Chaim Goldstein was his partner in running the drug enterprise. Court documents revealed how Chaim Goldstein, a friend and classmate of Tenenboim at Moriah College was his partner in smuggling darknet drugs into Australia. Goldstein was denied bail ... Read More »

Three Dublin Men Accused of Buying Explosives on Alphabay

Thanks to a tip from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Gardaí arrested three men who had allegedly purchased Semtex, a versatile plastic explosive, through the notorious Alphabay darknet marketplace. The FBI tip gave the Gardaí enough time to create a fake package and prevent the three suspected IRA members from receiving a package of one of the ... Read More »

The 33-year-old suspect is facing 68 charges relating to the crimes he allegedly committed on the dark web forum.

Baltimore Man Accused of Illegal Dark web Drug Trade

Ryan Farace (34) has been charged for masterminding illegal drug sales on the dark web. According to the indictment, Farace operated drug trades on the online black market for five years and successfully delivered many ordered packages through postal services after customers made payment in Bitcoin. He has been charged with money laundering and illegal drug trafficking. According to a ... Read More »

Trial Set for Latvian Accused of Running Malware Operation on Darknet

Ruslans Bondars, a permanent resident of Latvia was arrested and accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and computer hacking aimed at businesses in the United States of America. The latest update of his arrest is that a trial has been set for him. Together with a Russian, Jurijs Martisevs, they sold sophisticated malware on the Dark web, as well ... Read More »

Utah Man Accused of Manufacturing and Selling drugs on the dark web

A Utah Cottonwood Heights man accused of running an international illicit drug ring selling and manufacturing of illegal drugs has been arrested. A four-week jury trial has been scheduled beginning August 20th. On Wednesday, the attorneys of some of his alleged accomplices said in court that they were still negotiating on some non-contentious issues concerning the case with prosecutors. Shamo ... Read More »