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Bitcoin price analysis Febraury 14, 2017

China Strikes Again The People’s Bank of China, conducted an impromptu inspection some of the biggest exchanges in China. Price plunged as soon as word was out, from its $1085 highs, down to $951. Over the past 3 months, the world’s 2nd largest economy was partly responsible for the bull run of late 2016, and fully responsible for all the ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis Jan 24th

The Price of Bitcoin is Recovering This week, Bitcoin continued its recovery from the $758 low of January 12, 2017 to a high of $940 on January 22. Since two consecutive sharp sell offs from $1139 all time high at the beginning of 2017, the digital currency’s price is gradually reclaiming its lost levels. While part of this resurgence is ... Read More »


Bitcoin Price Analysis January 16, 2016

Beijing Now Controls the Price of Bitcoin Bitcoin kicked off the new year at lofty levels of $1139, inches away from gold parity – depending on which exchange you looked at. The digital currency surprised critics last year, scooping pole position for best performing currency and commodity class of 2016. Bitcoin investors took home 125% returns at close of December ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis For January 8th, 2017

Bitcoin price continued rising during the past week to score a high of around $1139.89 on bitstamp last Wednesday. Just after the week’s high was recorded, a downwards price correction wave pulled price down to a low of $812, before rising again to $903 at the time of writing of this article. So, the bullish wave, that has been fueling ... Read More »

Bitcoin price analysis for December 23rd 2016

Bitcoin’s $ 1000 Gifts for Christmas As I am writing this, I am overwhelmed by the performance of Bitcoin, mostly over the past 48 hours. Bitcoin has spun up a surprise for the world, and there is more to come over Christmas. Few assets would go up more than 50% within a year, after a 3 year bear market that ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price analysis 30th November 2016

Bitcoin Price Hits a New $1000 high on Indian Exchanges Bitcoin was back on the headlines this week, reasserting itself as the asset of choice for Indians seeking a safe haven asset class. While on most days it’s China, this week demand peaked in India, where an official ban on 500 and 1000 rupee paper notes by Prime Minister Modi ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis 15 November

Bitcoin Trades Higher on Trump Win This week the US Elections took centre stage globally. The shocking news of an imminent Trump election victory, rattled mainstream markets across the globe, sending investors into safe refuge assets beyond stocks and bonds. While the stock markets temporarily nosedived, Bitcoin and gold went up 3% to $740 and 4% to $1136 respectively, hours ... Read More »

Analysis: Record DDoS Attacks by Mirai – IoT Botnet

Number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is growing exponentially over time. Internet connected cameras, thermostats, refrigerators and others were recently part of biggest Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) in the history. This article contains explanation of botnets, DDoS and analysis of recent record breaking DDoS attack by Mirai Botnet and brief analysis of the C++ source code! DDoS ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis 3 November, 2016

This week, the price of bitcoin traded 19% higher month on month, after consolidating at $650, before an exponential rise to $740. Traders are acutely aware the infamous digital currency is closing in on its 2016 pre-halving high. Media coverage of bitcoin’s phenomenal rise continues to fueled excitement. Meanwhile, core developers will officially activate SegWit 0.13.1 soft fork option on ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 25 October 2016

Over the past 2 weeks, Bitcoin traded sideways for a 6 days below $640, before selling off to a rising support at $625. Over the past 4 days however, Bitcoin rallied 4% back to testing $650 – $655 resistance level, cruising through the weekend on a delectable bounce off support. Chinese exchanges made new highs, on the back off Yuan ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis 11th October 2016

Bitcoin Price Analysis 11 October 2016 In the past 2 weeks the Bitcoin price displayed resilience by rising up gradually from $595 on September 28 to $615 on Bitstamp as of writing this. The series of higher highs and higher lows is a convincing start to the $800 + price target traders project. Experts all seem to agree price is ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis 28 September 2016

This week the mood around Bitcoin was frenetic and bullish, with great news coming out from fundamentals and price technicals. A Bitcoin report bumped up its Bitcoin price valuation to $850 citing improved fundamentals. Public blockchains also got a boost at the Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai despite the massive proliferation of private distributed ledger consortiums. Bitcoin is back! Much ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis 20 September 2016

This week, the price of bitcoin was on a hungover from the $40 surprise sell off from last week, 11 September. Price retraced from the low $594 bottom, and traded sideways within the $595 – $610 range. Bitcoin did not make the headlines this week, as much of the news comprised alternative blockchains. The dominant trend as seen above has ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis August 30

This week, the price of Bitcoin continued its sideways trading within the $20 range that has been active since August 6th. Bitcoinmarkets exhibited weakness overall, leading to a failed attempt at $585 to last week’s expected break of $600. This month’s price action resembles the pattern from the beginning of June to the end of July 2016, right before price ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis August 23

This week the price of bitcoin was fairly stable, mostly trading in a sideways $ 20 range. Despite a low dip to $552, bitcoin quickly retraced back up. Buying intent seems subdued, as it seems most money is on the sidelines waiting for a clear signal. Perhaps the most exciting bit of fundamental news this week was the release of ... Read More »