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Monero Vs Zcash: The Duel for Both Privacy and Anonymity

Bitcoin has in the recent past been the preferred medium of exchange on the dark web. However, many cryptocurrencies have popped up for users to choose what is best and that which suits their needs and the nature of their transactions. Bitcoin provided higher anonymity than the fiat currencies and now other crypto coins provide much higher anonymity than it. ... Read More »

μProxy – A Hardware Relay Solution for Protecting Geolocation Anonymity of Internet Users

Anonymity and privacy of internet users have attracted considerable attention during the past few years. A pivotal privacy issue is that a user’s geographical location can be pinpointed, if his/her IP address has been detected, giving the attacker a relatively precise real-time location. In most cases, this information is adequate for an attacker, to close in and eventually determine the ... Read More »

BIX Certificates – Cryptographic Tokens Promoting Anonymity For Blockchain Transactions

With the advent of the blockchain technology and the use of the internet along with mobile technologies, a brand new group of transactions and applications, which rely on anonymity, is increasingly gaining interest and acceptance. Ingenious payment systems, blockchain based voting, digital notaries, medical services and electronic auctions represent examples of these new applications. Beside anonymity, such transactions and applications ... Read More »

OnionScan Tests The Anonymity Of Dark Net Domains

Security researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis developed and released a software called ”OnionScan”, which ”lets you scan it automatically for common vulnerabilities and errors that can de-anonymize the owner or users.” When Lewis first discovered the dark web, she started looking at the current dark net markets and found out that most of these websites are quite vulnerable. However, the point ... Read More »

EU Plans To End Anonymity For Bitcoin And Prepaid Card Users

There’s a plan of the European Commission, which will be proposed in June, which will try to end the anonymity of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, and prepaid cards. The reason the European Union wants this new policy is that they need to fight terrorism more efficiently. However, the Europol just released a report, which says that terrorists are not ... Read More »

Guide: Anonymity and Privacy for Advanced Linux Users

All Credits go to beac0n, thanks for contacting us and contributing the guide you created! As people requested – here is a link to download this guide as a PDF. Intro The goal is to bring together enough information in one document for a beginner to get started. Visiting countless sites, and combing the internet for information can make it ... Read More »

Shadowcash Hits Zero-Knowledge Jackpot with Casino-style Anonymity

A few months ago we cataloged a preview of Shadow’s recently released zero knowledge update as well as alternative privacy technologies. However, before we go into the nuts and bolts of what makes Shadow’s new financial privacy update so impressive, let’s take a trip to the casino and see how the process emulates a very common and legal method of ... Read More »

Is The Bitcoin Dev Team Serious About Anonymity?

When people think about innovation in the anonymity of crypto-currencies, very rarely do people think about Bitcoin, as a source for that. Many people are looking at various Altcoins (crypto-currency alternatives to Bitcoin) for crypto-currency anonymity, like Darkcoin, Anoncoin, and Monero. People have pushed Bitcoin aside, not even considering it a competitor but do the people behind Bitcoin’s development have ... Read More »

StealthCoin Unique Kind Take On Crypto-Currency Anonymity

Since Darkcoin started and tried to take on the challenge of crypto-currency anonymity, many more anonymity focused crypto-currencies have popped up – Cloakcoin, Anoncoin, BitcoinDark, Monero, and many more. While most have provided unique contributions to the advancement of crypto-currency anonymity, they have not been unique in their approaches. Everybody is looking at the same solutions – ring signatures, centralized ... Read More »

Europol Report Equates Anonymity Focused Altcoins With CyberCrime

Europol released a report on September 29, about the cybercrime threats to the internet. Called Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA), the report looks at bitcoin, as well as anonymity focused coins, like Darkcoin, potential for criminal use. We feel it should concern everyone that the latest cyber currencies are intended to be truly anonymous and to facilitate anonymous transactions. ... Read More »

Cloakcoin Promises the Holy Grail of Cryptocurrency: Trustless Anonymity

Cryptocurrency enables users to wrest control of their money away from banks and governments, but without privacy features governments will often use their power to punish people who use currencies they do not approve of. Unfortunately, the crypto-community has thus far been unable to produce a viable system to give users complete privacy—until now. Cloakcoin, a new currency, has burst ... Read More »

The Future of Cyberspace Anonymity

In its simplest concept, anonymity is a form of protection from the possibility of retribution or retaliation.  While major government powers and corporations see anonymity as a threat (often arguing that anonymity only serves to protect criminals), it has shielded political activists, journalists, and even investigators.  Anonymity is a tool –a tool that can be utilized for both wholesome and ... Read More »