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US operation SaboTor results in the arrest of 61 darknet opioid vendors

Last Tuesday, US federal task force agents announced the arrest of 61 active darknet marketplace vendors. The arrests were the result of an internationally coordinated operation, named SaboTor, which is the second take down conducted by the Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement, or (J-CODE). In addition to the 61 arrests, US agents along with their international LEA partners managed ... Read More »

Israel Police Arrest 42 People Accused of Being Part of a Telegram Drug Trafficking Platform

The Israel Police announced that a multi-agency joint operation resulted in the arrest of 42 people suspected of running a drug trafficking platform on Telegram. The arrested suspects are believed to be high ranking members of the cannabis distribution network, Telegrass, that operates on Telegram. The arrests allegedly took place in Israel, Germany, Ukraine and the United States. Telegrass was ... Read More »

Police Undercover Operation Unravel and Arrest Dark Web Cocaine Drug Dealer

A Newport man, identified as Nevin Ryan, 28, was apprehended by undercover police detectives and drugs were seized during the operation. He was arrested after the law enforcement caught him driving a car without a legal license. Prosecutor Clare Wilks told the court that the police detectives seized cocaine, marijuana, and a mobile phone which had messages related to dark ... Read More »

Bavaria Cybercrime Office Obtains Arrest Warrants against Two Dark Web Drug Traffickers

The Bavarian cybercrime central office has obtained and acted on warrants of arrest for two dark web drug traffickers. The two have been accused of illegal importation of large quantities of narcotics purchased on dark web marketplaces as well as possession of controlled substances with the intent to distribute. In an intensive corroborative investigation between foreign authorities, the Attorney General ... Read More »

Mirai Botnet Author Got House Arrest and Fined $8.6 Million

The federal court in Trenton, New Jersey, has sentenced Paras Jha, 22, to six months of house arrest after pleading guilty for violating Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The court also handed him 2500 hours of community service and five years of parole. According to report, Jha launched a series of DDOS attacks on institutions including Rutgers University in New ... Read More »

Police in Chennai Arrest MSc Graduate Student Dark Web Dealer

The local police in Chennai raided the residence of a young man engaged in selling ecstasy and LSD. The 32-year-old graduate student from Uttar Pradesh was a popular drug dealer in the region. Nikhil Tiwari sourced all drugs from darknet marketplaces, paying only in bitcoin for all packages delivered. Furthermore, charges of conspiracy will be set forth, as Nikhil Tiwari ... Read More »

Police Arrest Another Austrian Dark Web Drug Vendor

Police in Austria have arrested a 24-year-old man, the leader of a dark web drug ring. The suspect was in charge of a group of drug dealers supplying locals all across Austria, with the post as the main method of delivery. In total over hundreds of sales were made netting close to 300,000 Euros. On the darknet, the suspect used ... Read More »

Nantes Police Arrest Woman Picking Darknet Parcel for Roommate

A woman in Nantes, France, was arrested for possession of a package received at a post office on behalf of her roommate. She had made a quick dash to the local post office by request of her friend, but her arrest took longer than anyone expected. The 26-year-old was confronted for the package containing 220 MDMA tablets. The package had ... Read More »

Germany: Police Arrest 28 Darknet Drug Buyers in Single Operation

Although the raids and arrests on July 25 only lasted a few hours, the investigation of dozens of darknet drug buyers began in late 2017, German customs (Zoll) said in a press release following the arrest of nearly 30 suspects only hours after the raids. The Zoll investigation culminated in a multi-agency raid in Neubiberg, Ottobrunn, Neuried, and Munich. More ... Read More »

NZ Man Sentenced to House Arrest for Drug Importation

Between 2016 and 2017, Christopher William Tett, 33, had ordered countless packages of ecstasy and methamphetamine from unidentified darknet vendors, the New Plymouth District Court heard at a recent sentencing hearing. Tett, according to his own confession, took to the darknet after learning he could access meth of a much higher quality than he could find anywhere in New Zealand. ... Read More »