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DDoS Attack Explained

DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service and it occurs when an attacker overwhelms a target, that is generally a server, with a load of traffic that the target cannot manage. DDoS is a special kind of DoS, Denial of Service attack, and it is important to notice the difference between them. A Dos, in fact, involves a single machine trying ... Read More »

Risks Of The Double Spending Attack

You may not know that Bitcoin is not the first digital coin project in history. Before it, other ideas were developed in order to create a digital currency but they all failed due to a very serious security issue that developers were not able to solve. Just to use simple words, when you spend your banknotes, you have to physically ... Read More »

Another Spy Program Leaked onto the Dark Web, Second Web Attack Imminent

The WannaCry ransomware infected over 300,000 computers worldwide including those operated by the National Health Service of the UK, the Russian government and multi-billion dollar corporations in merely a week. This week, several publications including the Financial Times and the Sun have reported that yet another global ransomware attack is imminent. As explained by Microsoft president and chief legal officer ... Read More »

Phishing Attack Potentially Compromised 18k Employees

In nearly every industry, phishing emails are all but scarce. Not all make headlines. And never are two separate instances identical. Each company might face different degrees of fallout. And many factors are responsible for this. One of which is the size of the company—and a recent phishing attack at a US media company Gannett Co—exemplifies the type of large ... Read More »

Fileless Malware Attack Evades AV with DNS

Malware authors never fail to find new ways of doing the same thing to go under the AV’s radar. Recently, Cisco’s security researchers team Talos spotted a novelty in controlling exploited computers. Dubbed DNSMessenger, it’s a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) that used DNS to communicate with Command & Control server. DNSMessenger Infection Chain Even though attack vector includes a file, ... Read More »


The Balance Attack – A Novel Type of Attack Against PoW Blockchains

Researchers, from the University of Sydney, identified a new type of attack, which they named the “Balance attack”, that can be launched against proof-of-work PoW blockcains such as ethereum’s and bitcoin’s. The attack is based on delay of network communications amongst groups of nodes that possess somehow balanced mining power. The theoretical analysis, of the authors of the paper, depicts ... Read More »

Single Computer DoS – Slow Loris Attack

Usually, hackers use a lot of computers (or toasters) to take down a server by overwhelming it with traffic. However, the same goal can sometimes be achieved with a single computer. In this article, I’m going to analyze my favorite denial of service attack known as Slow Loris attack and python code implementation from github. I found and tested 2 ... Read More »


Aviation Industry Under Attack By Chinese Hackers

A recent study by a security company shows that Chinese hackers are conducting successful cyberattacks on the aviation industry. Long since, security experts have been warning firms and governments against Chinese hacker attacks aiming at sensitive information and business secrets. Fire Eye, a security software company, released a report showing that the cybercriminals from the Asian country are attacking the ... Read More »

Recent DDoS Attack Sparks Consumer Need for IoT Protection

The massive DDoS attack that took out the host of several popular websites in the United States and Europe in October still didn’t seem to be enough to get the ball rolling on a set of national cybersecurity laws. Adam Levin, founder of the data protection company IDT911 sees the recent attack as one of several reasons to implement these ... Read More »

Tor’s Biggest Threat – Correlation Attack

Throughout the years of Tor existence many users lost their anonymity. I’m going to explain a technique called “Correlation Attack” that government agencies used in the past for that purpose. These include exploiting human errors as well as highly sophisticated mathematical methods exploiting software flaws. This attack has been around since Tor widespread usage began and it seems like it ... Read More »

FBI’s Attack On Tor Shows The Threat Of Subpoenas To Security Researchers

Security companies and institutes have a hard time doing their research nowadays. A lawsuit could be filed against them by the “victim” firm or even worse, they could be even criminally indicted if their white-hat hacking violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. However, the biggest threat to researchers are subpoenas, which could be filed against them by law enforcement ... Read More »

New HTTPS Flaw: “DROWN” Attack

The OpenSSL project recently released a new update to address a critical vulnerability (CVE-2016-0800) dubbed “DROWN” which stands for “Decrypting RSA using Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption”. From the OpenSSL security advisory: “A cross-protocol attack was discovered that could lead to decryption of TLS sessions by using a server supporting SSLv2 and EXPORT cipher suites as a Bleichenbacher RSA padding oracle. ... Read More »