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Federal Investigation Agency Arrested a Hacker Involved in Telephone Banking Fraud

With the rising number of cyber-attacks instigated by black hat hackers, the banking system is in jeopardy as oblivious customers are prone to these attacks. Different policing agents are aligning their focus in the fight to bring down the cyber cartels causing the public sleepless nights. Recently, the cybercrime unit belonging to the Federal Investigation Agency in Pakistan apprehended a ... Read More »

Malware Tech Arrested for Creating the Kronos Banking Trojan Pleads Not Guilty

MalwareTech or MalwareTechBlog known in real life as Marcus Hutchins, the 22-year-old British security expert who gained international recognition after he stopped the WannaCry ransomware outbreak on Monday pleaded not guilty in a US court to charges of creating and distributing the Kronos banking Trojan, a malware which was designed to steal people’s online banking details. Marcus Hutchins was arrested ... Read More »


MalwareTech Arrested for Creating the Kronos Banking Trojan

  On August 3, Motherboard published an indictment that pertained to an unexpected suspect. Even more unexpected once the realization that the suspect connected to the now-defunct Alphabay. Marcus Hutchins, the security researcher known as MalwareTech or MalwareTechBlog allegedly created and helped distribute the Kronos banking trojan. Hutchins made a name for himself when he “accidentally” hindered the WannaCry ransomware ... Read More »

Creator of the Nuke Banking trojan “Leaks” Source Code

The Nuke HTTP bot or nuclear HTTP bot landed in rough waters soon after release. Despite the banking trojan’s unique status and set of features. Some believed that the features listed by the trojan’s vendor, Gosya, were too good to be true at the listed price. Gosya made matters worse when the hacking forum community discovered the entity never gave ... Read More »

UK Gov’t Says Bitcoin Ransomware & Banking Malware Are Top Frauds

The National Crime Agency (NCA), a national law enforcement and police agency in the UK, officially announced that bitcoin ransomware and banking malware are top cyber threats against businesses and the public. In the past 12 months, the vast majority of multi-trillion dollar industries, major corporations and even law enforcement agencies have fallen victim to sophisticated bitcoin ransomware attacks. As ... Read More »

Suspected Hacker Behind the NeverQuest Banking Trojan Arrested in Spain

In 2013, researchers from Kaspersky Lab’s SecureList published “Online Banking Faces a New Threat” and explained the threat NeverQuest, a banking trojan, posed to the public. Three-and-a-half years after a hacker listed the malware on a forum, Spain’s Guardia Civil announced that officers arrested NeverQuest’s creator. The press release revealed that the FBI requested Interpol issue an arrest warrant for ... Read More »

Crypto Decentralization & the Physical World: Banking

The decentralization that cryptography and it’s application to online networks has brought about has been simply amazing. Using this technology, entire online communities can be formed where the participants, as long as they implement proper cyber-security, are completely anonymous, untraceable by a government or anyone who may be snooping around. These online, decentralized communities have mostly centered around the illicit ... Read More »