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BTC 14.1.1.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 14.1.2019

Last week, bitcoin price went through another downwards dip, after testing the resistance near $4,290.7, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement. The market’s bulls has been unsuccessful in breaking through this seemingly strong resistance level since late November 2018. The week high was recorded on Tuesday ($4,215), following which price started to drop steadily reaching $3,700 towards the end ... Read More »

BTC 7.1.1.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 7.1.2018

The first week of 2019 witnessed a stability of bitcoin markets. Bitcoin price has been moving sideways during most of last week’s trading sessions, as it ranged between $3,771 and $4,083. The week started by bitcoin price dropping down to a week low of $3,771 on Monday. Then, it began rising steadily reaching a week high of $4,083 on Wednesday, ... Read More »

BTC 31.12.1.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 31.12.2018

Last week started by bitcoin price testing the resistance around $4,285.4, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement; however, the market’s bulls failed to push price above this critical resistance level as bitcoin price bounced off it and began dropping. After a week low of $3,686 was recorded on Thursday, bitcoin price began rising again to exceed the $4,000 mark. ... Read More »

Hiding BTC.PNG

Research: Using HEVC to hide bitcoin transaction information

In the world of digital currencies, security and privacy represent a serious challenge. Since the launch of bitcoin, many hack attacks have occurred, leading to the loss of millions of dollars. Furthermore, when bitcoins are stolen, not only the direct victim is affected, but also the whole bitcoin market is undermined by considerable fluctuations in bitcoin’s price. Every node across ... Read More »


Research: Bitcoin user identification via deep neural networks

Privacy protection and relative anonymity represent the most favorable currency features of bitcoin. Unlike submitting a great deal of personal information in order to open a bank account, one only needs a pseudonym, which is also referred to as a hashed public key or an address, to be able to use bitcoin. Unless intentionally revealed, it is relatively hard to ... Read More »

BTC 23.12.1.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 23.12.2018

Bitcoin price started recovering during last week’s trading sessions, following a bearish wave that lasted around a month. Bitcoin price rose from around $3,300 in the beginning of the week, up to a week high of $4,300 on Thursday, recording a 30% rise within less than a week. The market’s bulls failed to keep price above the resistance around $4,285.4, ... Read More »

BTC 17.12.1.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 17.12.2018

  Bitcoin price continued on dropping during most of last week’s trading sessions, falling from around $3,642 in the beginning of the week, to record a week low of $3,215 on Saturday. However, after the week low was recorded, bitcoin price began recovering and rose up to $3,340 on Sunday. The market’s bears failed to pull bitcoin price below $3,192, ... Read More »

BTC 11.12.1.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 11.12.2018

Bitcoin price continued on plummeting throughout last week’s trading sessions, recording a week low of $3,277 last Friday. However, after the week low was recorded, the market began recovering slightly and the bulls managed to push bitcoin price above $3,600 on Sunday. Despite the 14% drop we witnessed last week, the market’s bears failed to pull bitcoin price below $3,192, ... Read More »

financial bubble.png

Is Bitcoin Really a Financial Bubble?

Even though 2017 was Bitcoin’s most profitable year, 2018 is ending up with the biggest losses in the currency’s market capital since its advent. Many traditional economists believe that bitcoin represents a huge bubble that is destined to burst, especially since its massive gains were driven, at least partly, by newbie buyers and speculators. As bitcoin price has plummeted below ... Read More »

BTC 19.11.1.PNG

Bitcoin weekly price analysis – 19.11.2018

Bitcoin price dropped by around %20 during the past week to hit a week low of $5,432 last Thursday, which is a level that had not been reached since October 2017. Even though we predicted bitcoin price to continue on dropping during our previous bitcoin price weekly analysis, the magnitude of drop in bitcoin market’s capitalization came beyond the expectations ... Read More »

BTC 12.11.2.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 12.11.2018

After rising to a week high of $6,615 last Wednesday, bitcoin price progressively dropped down to a week low of $6,357 on Sunday. Even though the market’s bulls had the upper hand during the beginning of last week’s trading sessions, they were not capable of overcoming the resistance around the $6,615 price level. The market failed to continue on rising ... Read More »

U.S. Marshals to Auction over 660 Forfeited Bitcoin

The United States Marshals Service announced an auction of up to 660 bitcoins that were forfeited following various criminal, civil and administrative proceedings. The sale will be carried out on November 5. The announcement invites interested bidders to register with the USMS. During Registration the interested bidders are required to deposit $200,000 with the agency after which the bidder is ... Read More »

BTC weekly 6.11.1.PNG

Bitcoin weekly price analysis – 6.11.2018

After dropping down to a low of $6,242 last week, bitcoin price started rising regularly hitting a week high of $6,529. Even though technical analysis of last week’s charts denoted that we are likely to witness a bearish market during most of the week’s trading sessions, a new upwards wave began manifesting itself last Wednesday following a short bearish move. ... Read More »