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French Bitcoin Startup: Blockchain Will Help 40% of the Unbanked

At the annual Trustech conference, an event participated by leading payment, identity and security experts, France-based bitcoin blockchain data startup Rennes CEO Gilles Cadignan emphasized the ability of bitcoin to target a vast majority of the global unbanked population. As bitcoin experts and investors like former blockchain product lead Keonne Rodriguez note, bitcoin enables previously impossible payments with unprecedented security ... Read More »

The Growing Use of Blockchain Technology Outside Bitcoin

Over the past few years it has become relatively apparent that bitcoin is not going away. Though rumors of its death are always greatly exaggerated, for a few years it seemed there was a real chance the whole idea may never catch on. The unshakeable association with illicit activities, wallet thefts, exchange heists and other bad press made bitcoin extremely ... Read More »

How Bitcoin Blockchain Can Revolutionize Academic Credential Verification

For companies, it is particularly difficult and time consuming to verify academic credentials and certificates of applicants. Chris Jagers, the CEO of Learning Machine believes the blockchain technology can permanently change the traditional method of verification utilized by most companies and educational institutions globally. One of the most controversial cases in the world of technology is the release of former ... Read More »

Korea’s Fourth Largest Bank Tests Blockchain With Coinplug; Eyes Commercial Services

Coinplug, a bitcoin wallet service provider and infrastructure developer funded by billionaire investor Tim Draper in 2014, has partnered with South Korea’s fourth largest bank KB Kookmin to test its blockchain infrastructure’s cross-border payment efficiency. In December 2015, KB Kookmin and Coinplug established a memorandum of understanding (MOU), to form an official partnership and relationship in the investigation and implementation ... Read More »

Digital Asset Holdings & Nasdaq Executive File Blockchain Patents

Nasdaq’s senior vice president of enterprise architecture Tom Fay and former JP Morgan executive’s Digital Asset Holdings have both filed for blockchain patents for the settlement of transactions and assets. The application filed by the Nasdaq executive focused on the methods of recording transactions on a blockchain network. In theory, Nasdaq’s patent entails a private blockchain network, with which the ... Read More »

Blockchain Technology May Be Borrowed By DARPA To Secure Military Networks

Blockchain, the technology that underlies digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has acquired a different identity. According to Steve Norton’s article “CIO Explainer: What Is Blockchain?” published in the Wall Street Journal, he explains how the technology is emerging as an alternative way for companies to instantaneously make and verify their network transactions. A considerable number of firms are experimenting with ... Read More »

Bitcoin Blockchain’s High Security Will Lead Blockchain Startups to Pivot Back to Bitcoin

Banks and financial institutions have promoted the word “blockchain” as a mysterious piece of software that will bring billions of dollars to banking and save consumers millions of dollars in fees. The only issue with this is, with over two years of testing, research, and implementation, not a single successful demonstration has been released to the public. As such, the ... Read More »

Cryptocurrency hacks: The Biggest Heists In Blockchain History

Cryptocurrency is as hack-proof as it gets depending on the coin itself and on the hashing power that supports it. Their decentralized nature ensures that there is no single target to hack, and the blockchain itself ensures that no double-spending going on. Despite this, there have been some attack vectors that were exploited by hackers, allowing them to successfully (or ... Read More »

China Plans to Adopt Blockchain for Social Security Funds

China’s social security system will be adopting the blockchain for fund management, ChinaDaily writes. While countries around the world are in disagreement regarding digital currency and the blockchain, China takes a different approach. Some countries are recognizing Bitcoin as valid currency. Some are not. Meanwhile, China is embracing the blockchain head on. According to Wang Zhongmin, vice-chairman of the National ... Read More »

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will reveal prospects and risks of cryptocurrency exchanges

September 23, Kiev will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2016. One of its topics will include the development of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Benjamin Bommhardt, a cofounder and Sales Director at Draglet, will speak within the Fintech section. Participants of the expert section will discuss three components of cryptocurrency platforms operating: development, challenges and prospects. The speaker will share his opinion ... Read More »

Leading engineer from IBM will tell about blockchain based technologies aimed for business in Kiev

Karolina Marzantowicz, the IBM Distinguished Engineer, will speak on September 23 at the annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference. She will talk about how the global project Hyperledger is designed and what business problems it solves. Hyperledger is a world-renowned project initiated by Linux Foundation. It was launched in December of 2015. It is a system of smart contracts for companies ... Read More »

Blockchain in finance and management fields. Fintech and govtech cases at Blockchain Conference Kiev

What problems can blockchain solve in the finance sphere and total asset management – will be discussed by speakers of the third annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev. On 23 September Kyiv will become a meeting point for financiers, IT specialists and entrepreneurs with successful experience of working with blockchain. A separate themed section has been organized for them. Hall ... Read More »

Developers from Europe and the USA will arrive to Kiev to discuss blockchain fintech services

In September, Bitcoin enthusiasts and blockchain service developers will arrive to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2016. The annual conference promises to be the most large-scale in CIS countries. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will focus on implementing projects and startups that solve real users’ issues.  Participants will be divided into three groups: experts, developers and those who are less familiar ... Read More »

Blockchain Technology in Europe: Theory and Practice

On May 19, Prague will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague. The event will bring together blockchain developers and those who apply the technology in practice: financiers, bankers and businessmen. The event will consist of a conference, divided into two streams, and an exhibition of IT developments in the field of Blockchain. The participants will talk about the practical application ... Read More »