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Indonesia Man Arrested for Buying Liquid Cannabis via the Darknet

A resident of South Tangerang has been arrested for buying liquid cannabis over a dark web market site. The 28-year-old, whose name is only listed as ‘AD,’ bought the drugs using cryptocurrency and arranged to ship them to Indonesia from the U.S. through mail services. When the package reached the Customs Office, administrators noticed it contained wet tissues weighing a ... Read More »

Scotland Man Jailed for Buying Firearm on the Dark Web

Police recently apprehended a 48-year-old male citizen of Scotland for buying a Glock 9mm handgun from the dark web. Loner David Mitchell has been repeatedly questioned by detectives, but he refused to tell them his motive behind the purchase of the weapons. Mitchell went on a darknet market site and made a deal with a vendor who sold the weapons ... Read More »

Tulsa food truck owner arrested for buying drugs on dark web

A Tulsa food truck owner is in police custody for allegedly ordering illegal drugs from the dark web and paying with bitcoin. According to the report, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted a package said to contain dangerous drugs. After consulting the appropriate bodies and engaging in effective communication, authorities traced the owner of the package and arrested Jeremy ... Read More »

Bavarian Man Gets Community Service for Buying 800 Grams of Weed Online

A judge in a courtroom in Bavaria sentenced a young man to 60 hours of community service for purchasing a combined total of more than 800 grams of marijuana from various dark web vendors. The judge explained that the offense was incredibly serious, but the defendant’s direction in life had convinced him that no prison time was necessary. Daniel F., ... Read More »

German Man Sentenced to Probation for Buying Guns on Alphabay

A judge in a Bavarian courtroom sentenced a defendant to one year of probation for ordering several firearms and packages of ammunition from a vendor on the Alphabay market. However, since the man had not planned to use the guns, even the prosecutor agreed that prison was not necessary. At a hearing at the Schwandorf District Court, District Judge Ewald ... Read More »

A Glock 17 secured at a gun dealer in Marburg. Photo: Arne Dedert / Archive

Belgian Man Avoids Jail After Buying a Glock on the Dark Web

A Belgian man was sentenced to probation for purchasing a Glock and a silencer on the dark web. The court heard that the man had purchased the gun for the protection of his home and family after a burglar had broken into the family home. Driven by the bombings at the Brussels Airport, a 31-year-old man from Hainaut, Belgium, searched ... Read More »

Three Men Sentenced for Buying Glocks and Ammunition on the Dark Web

An operation conducted by law enforcement in the United States and in North West England led to the arrest of three men for importing firearms from a source on the dark web. Information about the bust was revealed at a recent sentencing hearing where each defendant was sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison for a number of ... Read More »

Hainaut Man Admits Buying Gun with Silencer on Dark Web ‘to Protect Family’

A Hainaut resident was apprehended for purchasing a firearm from the dark web using cryptocurrencies. The defendant has been charged at the Hasselt correctional court and is facing charges for illegal acquisition of a silencer gun. The 30-year-old man was arrested after the police launched an investigation on the dark web after the gun attack in Brussels. Even though it ... Read More »

Former Cop in Belgium Sentenced for Buying Grenades on the Dark Web

The Charleroi Criminal Court in Belgium acquitted a former police officer who had been charged with attempted murder on account of a plot to kill two people with grenades purchased from an American dark web vendor. According to the former police officer’s testimony, he had planned a double homicide but had eventually abandoned the plot. Although the court dropped the ... Read More »

Schwandorfer Arrested for Illegally Buying Weapons and Ammunition on Dark web Marketplaces

In Schwandorf, a locale to the North of Germany and closely attached to the Naab river, an over 50 years-old man faces prosecution for purchasing artillery over the dark web. According to reports by police, the man is alleged to have acquired for himself, illegally though, weapons such as guns and revolvers. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he was found out and ... Read More »

German Man Sentenced for Buying Drugs on the Darkweb from Rehab

A judge at the District Court of Konstanz sentenced a drug dealer to three years in prison for assorted drug crimes including selling drugs, buying them on the darkweb, having them shipped to a friend’s house, and using drugs himself. The person who received his packages was also sentenced but instead of prison time, she was fined 900 euros. In ... Read More »

Judge Acquitted Teen Who Admitted Buying Fake Euros on the Darkweb

In a hearing at the Waiblinger District Court, a judge acquitted two young men who had been accused of purchasing counterfeit euro notes on the darkweb and using them throughout Germany. Even though one of the suspects admitted purchasing counterfeit eyes with Bitcoin, a conviction would have hindered a parallel investigation into the source of counterfeit euros in Stuttgart, the ... Read More »

Colorado Man Arrested for Buying Drugs on the Darkweb to Sell Locally

A Colorado man has allegedly been buying dozens of different types of drugs from darkweb marketplaces and reselling the drugs to local customers, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by a local news outlet. Federal law enforcement officers and state police arrested the man on October 16 for committing at least 12 drug crimes. James Daniel Kavanagh, a 50-year-old from ... Read More »